The Career Centers provide customers with access to select services based on eligibility and via referrals or enrollment in individualized programming.

  • Career Navigation
  • Job Matching and Job Placement
  • Job Readiness Training
  • Job Search Training/Assistance
  • Foundational Skills Training
  • High School Equivalency, Adult Basic Education or English Language Learner (ELL) Programs
  • Occupational Training
  • Work-Based Learning
  • Barrier Resolution
  • Assessment – general and vocational
  • Career Coaching (includes Barrier Resolution)
  • Post- Placement/Retention
  • Financial Capability Services

D’Lonra Gary
(313) 962-9675 extension 1224

Northwest Activities Center is neighborhood based and offers community members access to after school programming, basic needs assistance, and financial services in partnership with approximately eleven community agencies. The Detroit at Work Career Center located at Northwest is run in partnership with Goodwill Industries. – Martwan Owens, Center Manager


Martwan Owens
(313) 962-9675 extension 1153

Quentin Williams
(313) 962-9675 extension 1272

For more information, please visit 18100 Meyers Rd, Detroit, MI 48235 or contact the center at (313) 962-9675.  For activities and community events visit the Northwest Activities Center online.

Spotlight: Our 2019 Success Story 

Deyja Fitzgerald, Warehouse Assistant, Vitec, Inc: Deyja Fitzgerald first came to the Detroit at Work Career Center (Northwest Activities Center) in August of 2019.  She had her High School diploma and was looking for training to create a career path to assist with becoming financially stable. Ms. Fitzgerald was place with a Career Coach, who took the time to learn what she wanted to pursue as a career. She was enrolled in training at Dymond Design, to eventually become a manicurist. She successfully completed the program and received her credential and certificate of completion. Ms. Fitzgerald used her newfound skills to become an independent manicurist but was unable to continue in her chosen profession due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Ms. Fitzgerald stayed in touch with her Career Coach and was eventually hired as a Warehouse Assistant with Vitec Inc, where she is still employed. Ms. Fitzgerald credits the help she received from her MWA, as the reason for her success.

Spotlight: Our 2019 Success Story 

Damon Brooks, Executive Housekeeper, Amerilodge Group: Damon Brooks came to the Detroit At Work Career Center (Northwest Activities Center) in search of training opportunities. Mr. Brooks was unemployed and wanted a career in the hotel industry.  In order to ensure all barriers were removed, Mr. Brooks was given transportation assistance to and from training and supportive services were provided in the form of bus tickets.  He successfully completed the Breithaupt Hospitality training and obtained employment at Comfort Inn during training. He continued his path in his new career and was promoted, at the Holiday Inn. Mr. Brooks is currently employed as an Executive Housekeeper at the Amerilodge Group. He states: “Though life, family and friends counted me out, Detroit at Work staff, especially Sergio, never did.  They provided affirming kindness that added as armor to my struggles that made it possible to value myself so that companies saw value in me. I was left with the know how to negotiate for myself and ended up a winner.”