•     Tutoring, study skills, training, instruction and dropout prevention
  •     Alternative secondary school services or dropout recovery services
  •     Paid and Unpaid Work Experience
  •     Occupational Skills Training
  •     Education offered concurrently with workforce preparation and training for a specific occupation
  •     Leadership Development Opportunities
  •     Support Services, Financial Support, Incentives
  •     Mentoring
  •     Follow-up services
  •     Guidance and Counseling
  •     Financial Literacy Education
  •     Entrepreneurial (Owning a Business) Training
  •     Labor Market Information
  •     Post-secondary Preparation and Transition Activities


Youth Empowerment Services (YES!) at Alamo

Workforce Solutions Alamo Youth Empowerment Services offers no cost services to help youth between the ages of 16-24 gain the necessary education, training, and skills needed to enter the workforce and meet employer needs.

YES! Program Steps:

  1.     Eligibility Determination
  2.     Objective Assessment
  3.     Development of an ISS (Goal Plan)
  4.     Program Participation
  5.     Follow-up Services

Interested in learning more? Follow this link to attend our weekly orientation and meet a Career Coach. Orientations are held every Wednesday at 2:30PM (EST 14:30) on Zoom!


Direct Services:

  •     Tutoring/Study Skills
  •     Work Experience
  •     Leadership Development
  •     Childcare Assistance
  •     Job Readiness Classes
  •     Support Services
  •     Occupational Skills Training
Youth Empowerment Services (YES!) at Alamo
Call or Text: (210) 457-2366
The YES! program works with young people ages 16-24 to get them back in school or find them long-term employment. Our program has a specific emphasis on serving youth who have barriers that keep/ kept them from moving forward. Through mentorship and providing direct services we can assist our youth in taking steps towards making their futures bright!

The YES! Program offers support to those facing barriers:

  • Pregnant/ Parent: Any youth aged 16-24 who is a parent is eligible for the youth program, however pregnancy only applies to female applicants.
  • Foster: Any foster youth or former foster youth are eligible for the youth program.
  • Criminal Background: All youth with criminal backgrounds are eligible for youth services.
  • Disability: All youth living with a disability are eligible for youth services, regardless of what it is.
  • Homelessness: A youth is eligible for youth services if they are homeless.
  • Low Income Youth are eligible for the youth program if they are living in a high poverty area, meaning at least 25% of the area within their zip code is living in Poverty.  Check the percentage for poverty here: If the youth is not living in a high poverty area but is still low income then a SNAP letter, TANF letter, or paystubs totaling less than the federal poverty line maybe used.
  • Dropout: A youth is eligible for youth services if they are a high school dropout age 19 or older. Youth under 19 are ineligible without another barrier.

YES! Rural Contact Info:

  • Comal County: Cristina Johnson | | (210) 315-8447
  • Guadalupe County: Ashlee Cook | | (210) 322-2746
  • Medina | Bandera | Frio Counties: Jolynn Gonzalez | | (210) 315-6556
  • Atacosa | Karnes | Wilson Counties: Sylvia Guerra | | (210) 323-3492
  • Kerr County: Monica Lambert | | (210) 323-5735
  • Kendall | Gillespie Counties: Jill Coget | | (210) 315-6241

Spotlight: Our 2019 Success Story 


Katie is a self-motivated twenty-one-year-old high school graduate. Upon graduating high school, she understood that the traditional route of attending a 4-year university was not for her at that moment. She took initiative to look for other career options and found the YES! Program.

After meeting with her Career Counselor she decided to enroll at The Institute of Allied Healthcare into the Medical Assistant program. Currently, Katie is attending her externship, has completed all training requirements, and is awaiting her Medical Assistant certification. Now, Katie hopes to find employment through her externship and if not, she is confident she will find employment because of her certification and experience during the program!

Congratulations Katie!

Are you in the age range of 16-24? Learn more about the YES! Program and how you can change your life today!

Spotlight: Our 2019 Success Story 


Juan joined the YES! Program June of 2019 with dreams of working in Information Technology. While he had work history and skills he did not yet have experience in the IT industry. Juan had heart, drive, and determination to reach his goals. With the assistance of the YES! program he enrolled into the COMPTIA Bootcamp to gain high level certifications such as Security +, A+, and Network+.

After successfully completing the COMPTIA Program and receiving his certifications Juan was hired for an IT company contracted by USAA. We are extremely proud of Juan and wish him the best his future endeavors.

Congratulations Juan!

Are you in the age range of 16-24? Learn more about the YES! Program and how you can change your life today!

Email | Text (210) 457-2366 | Call (210) 224-HELP (4357)